from Lucy Schappy

Spring is my favourite season. The bursting forth of new life, flowers springing up and birds singing...
This spring has certainly been dampened by the forced isolation. I miss my friends and family and sharing this joyful time with those I love.

Art and beauty are more important now than ever before. Surrounding ourselves with art in our homes is a way to help ease our loneliness and bring us more joy. I had been planning to have my annual Mother's Day show and sale but of course that cannot happen now. So I am inviting you to visit my website for a virtual art show. I am offering a discount on a large number of works between now and Mother's Day. If you have had been thinking about getting a painting for yourself or someone you love now is the time!

One of the most distressing issues for me regarding the impact that the virus is making on our lives is the toll on mental health and dysfunction in families. I fear for the safety and wellbeing of women and children who are in abusive homes. I will be donating 20% of the sales revenue from this Mother's Day event to the WOMEN'S TRANSITION SOCIETY in the Comox Valley who provide services to women and children in need of help.

INTO THE FOREST, 36" x 36", oil on canvas, $2200 regular price, [$2000 sale price]


I have been loving making paintings of people gathering and socializing. This is my way of compensating for the lack of it these days. Memories of and fantasies of garden parties and gatherings make me smile.

DREAMING OF THE DINNER PARTY, 16" x 16", acrylic on cradled birch, $600 [ sale $500]

Art can transform a room
colour makes us happy
you deserve it!

BRING HER FLOWERS, 36" X 36", acrylic on canvas, $2200, [ sale $2000]

WHERE THE BIRDS ARE, 24" x 30", oil on canvas, $1300 [ sale price $1100]

I always come back to the birds, they are such a symbol of freedom, joy and strength. These perfect little creatures flitting from branch to branch and singing as they go just always make me happy.

STORIES AND DREAMS, 36" X 36" , oil on canvas, $2200, [ sale $2000]


Lately I have been finding great solace in the wild beauty and solace of the sea. Inspired by my Quadra Island getaway, the ISLAND LIFE series is a celebration of the sea. Ocean and boats, sea creatures and salt air, these folky and fun paintings remind us of good times and vacations in the past and ones still to come in the future.

FLOATING ON A SEA OF DREAMS, 36" x 36", oil on canvas, $2200

I hope that you are finding ways to stay positive and healthy. Take some time to visit my website. I will be marking works that are featured on sale. Reach out to me via my website, email [email protected], phone 250 650-1200. Follow me on instagram: lucyschappyart. If you are not yet on instagram, it is a great way to see lots of art and to stay in touch and connect with others. I find it much more user friendly than facebook. Now is perfect time to start your own page!