Still three gumboots to find!

You can win a pair of tickets to our 50th Anniversary Arts Gala & Showcase... with just a little work.

In celebrating its 50-year anniversary in 2017, Comox Valley Arts reflects on its rich history and looks forward to its future...

As an umbrella organization representing musical, dramatic, creative writing, dance, and visual arts, we aim to promote and support our community as an arts-producing centre. CVA contributes to many annual projects, including the 30 Day Drawing Challenge, CVArts Mixers, the CV Poet Laureate, visual arts exhibits, Studio Tours, Elevate Arts Festival, Foggy Mountain Fall Fair, and more. All are welcome to the April 1st 50th Anniversary Celebration Gala.

It's EASY!

To WIN tickets… join us on facebook and watch the clues to find the hidden boots. If you find the boot first, you’ll also find instructions on how to claim your tickets.

And, bonus gift, you get to keep the boot!

Here are the clues you need:

Boot #2: 

I am located in a park that is one and half times the size of Stanley Park in Vancouver, protecting 652 ha (1,610 acres) of biodiversity and treasured wildlife habitat.

The park is divided in two parts: the east side trails will lead you to the waterfront. While the west side trails, including the Swamp Loop, will lead you to Melda’s March. To find me, walk in direction of Melda’s Marsh.

At the dam, follow the trail to the left. Go 50m. Take the small trail heading to the marsh. Find the bench named for Teddy and Gladys Wilson. You’ll find me behind it. While there, enjoy the view and try to spot beaver, muskrat and an assortment of ducks and other feathered friends.


Boot #3:

I am located along an easy level walk along the Courtenay river way that includes a loop around the Courtenay airpark

To find me, walk along the pathway, away from Marina Park and in a southern direction along the water.

You’ll find me mid-way along the walk, on the top of a little hill (or bump) where seating offers marvelous views of the birds, the Courtenay River, and the Comox Estuary.

Boot #5:

I am located in a popular family holiday destination in the Comox Valley. Sweeping views of the Sunshine Coast and long walks on the rocky shore are both available, and campsites are private and lush in the summer.

To find me, you would need a reservation for the summer months. However, In the winter, you can just show up.

The campground operates on a reduced schedule and rate with no service provided. Walk pass the gatehouse, turn right on Cedar Lane and head to spot #69. I’ll be waiting for you there.


Many thanks to Cendrine De Vis, a CVA volunteer, who created this scavenger hunt, hid the boots and wrote the clues!

If you'd like to just purchase tickets without the hunt, you can get them online here, or in person at Second Page Used Books, Blue Heron Books and Rare Bird Bookshop