After successfully piloting last year, Lupine Art Studio has launched its fundraising program for non-profits. A portion of proceeds from registrations will be donated to the organization or cause.

Paint nights are not our focus in our programming, but when it comes to helping out non-profits, the format we deliver works well. We take care of all of the administration, marketing, project planning – you just show up and paint!” explains Lupine’s owner, Jess Kaufman.

If you have a cause that you are raising funds for, a night out painting is a pretty fun way to get together and make a few extra bucks. Currently, $15 from each registration gets donated back to your organization or cause. Additionally, Lupine Art Studio will push out the fundraiser to its 1200+ Facebook followers to raise awareness of what you are doing.

“The last one we did was for the ‘Just In Time Choirs’, I think we had about 22 people so about $330 went back to their organization,” Jess told us. “It’s a fun and easy way to get together for a common goal.”

The fundraiser parties can be promoted as private or open to the public. For more information, visit Lupine Art Studio’s website: