Here it comes... leaves are falling and folks are jamming inside now than outside around bonfires... Do you know what that means?

~ Cumberland's Woodstove Festival 2017! ~

Last year, our volunteers were integral to making the magic happen and we hope to inspire you to join us this year.

We need some solid folks to come out and support the arts in Cumberland, just when the days are becoming cold, long, and in need of song. Your involvement in this community goes a long way. We want to make sure your skills and needs are honoured. A four hour shift gets you a wristband for the weekend and a special volunteer after party!

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For those interested, please check out our super special SIGN UP site here!
Woodstove Volunteer SIGN UP 2017

If you go beyond the 4 hour shift, your contribution will be honoured however we can.
*Some jobs, like photography, media,  and venue managers are not listed as they extend past the 4 hour slots and require extra communication. If interested, please email Heather!

Please keep in mind that we make this festival run on a very limited budget - we're trying to keep it affordable and accessible!

That being said, if accessibility or other concerns are alive for you please be in touch so we can accommodate you as best we can.

Thanks SO much and I hope you can make it in some form or another!
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Heather T
-Volunteer Coordinator, Woodstove Fest