Elevate Arts Festival is in full gear-up mode, and ready to accept new & returning Volunteers!

If you've never volunteered for Elevate, we encourage you to get in and share in the magic-making. It's a beautiful event, and many hands make light work.

There is much to do - from kitchen tasks to moving heavy gear... sign painting and flag making to running sound gear... decorating, checking-in, running around.

What is the Elevate Arts Festival? We are a volunteer driven, multi venue, all ages cultural event held in streets, alleys, halls, cafes, pubs and restaurants in Downtown Courtenay. The Festival includes evening events June 3-5 and a day and night street festival on Saturday June 6th.

The Festival welcomes over 2000 visitors to Downtown Courtenay and is totally free to the public with over 200 artists and 50 community groups as partners. We focus on thought provoking and community building content (including art, music, dance, pop up parks, participatory projects, poetry, photography, theatre, craft, collage, puppets and projections) to encourage everyone to explore, enjoy and elevate the world around us.

Volunteer Signup is here: www.ElevateTheArts.com/volunteer