The Comox Valley Community Arts Council is the pro-active, leading force behind the promotion of arts and culture in our community! OUR MISSION is to animate the arts in the Comox Valley by: acting as a resource for the arts community; informing the public about the arts; and celebrating the Comox Valley as an arts producing centre. The Comox Valley Community Arts Council works to facilitate, activate and advocate on behalf of arts and culture in our community. Through our involvement in a wide variety of activities, we pro-actively support the cultural creators and workers of the Comox Valley.

Thank you to the Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement for their ongoing support of Arts & Culture in the Comox Valley and for continuing to partner with the CVCAC on such great projects!

Duncan & 5th Street Stage

12 - 12:50 PK Tessman

1 - 1:50 Josie Patterson

2 - 2:50 Alannah Clark

3 - 3:50 Luke Blu Guthrie

4 - 4:50 Azucena Flamenco

5 - 5:50 Black Swan

England & 5th Street Stage

12:30 - 1:20 Keisja Cox

1:30 - 2:20 Craig Freeman

2:30 - 3:20 TBA

3:30 - 4:20 Kaleidoscope Folk

4:30 - 5:20 Samba Du Soleil

Roving Performers


Vesta Fire

Carlos & Carlitta


PK Tessman

PK Tesmann

PK Tessmann is a Vancouver Island folk-pop songstress with strong musical influences of bluegrass and jazz.

Live or recorded, PK’s music rips through the speakers and tears out your heart.  Her voice, a full bodied honey, and her well crafted song-writing skills are something of substance.   Flowing lyrics, subtle and whispering harmonies, the twinkle of a mandolin and electric instrumentation still holds true to the acoustic feel of PK’s music. With the confident timing of a skilled percussionist, PK strums a few chords on her guitar and her audience leans in. The sincerity of her performance and the clarity of her voice are a mesmerizing mix, leaving you fully satisfied by either an acoustic ballad or a full band groove. Few musicians can combine such talents of insightful song writing and musical prowess. PK Tessmann is an evolving bundle of creation. If you think you know her music, get ready to be astounded because the best is yet to come.

Vesta Fire
Vesta Fire

Vesta Fire

Wondering about our name? Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and home. Her presence is symbolized by the sacred fire that burns at her hearth and temples, tended by the Vestal Virgins.

VestaFire Entertainment the only professional community circus entertainment troupe based in Nanaimo, BC. We bring circus, magic, dance, theatre, costumes and ambience to your event.

We provide costumed roving family entertainment, LED and Fire dance performance to festivals, parades, and other public or private events in the Vancouver Island area.

Luke Guthrie
Luke Blu Guthrie

Luke Blu Guthrie

A potent mix of Rhythm & Blues, tinged with electricity, provides the back drop for Luke Blu Guthrie’s lyrical and musical wanderings. A deep- rooted soul is to be found in the voice and original compositions of this unique performer. Armed with acoustic & electric guitars, assorted foot percussion and plenty of rhythmic slaps and yowls, Guthrie has been an integral part of the Vancouver Island music scene for over a decade. He is widely respected for his versatility and skill as a songwriter, vocalist and guitar player. Named one of CBC’s independent artists to watch in 2011, Guthrie has seen significant radio play with previous demo releases and is currently a growing presence on CBC and college radio across Canada. Guthrie’s potential is demonstrated by the variety of acts he has shared the stage with recently. Highlights include Eric Bibb, Jim Byrnes, opening for Daniel Wesley, Mother Mother, Jon & Roy and Eliot Brood. Luke was also nominated for a Vancouver Island Music Award in the category of ‘Male songwriter of the year’ in 2011. Luke has been busy!


Keisja Cox

Keisja Cox

Keisja Cox songwriting shows both a social awareness and a compassion for situations like domestic violence and the problems that can stem from them. Keisja is passionate about her music, composing her own music and writing lyrics that express her own awareness of the world around her. She is currently working with Highland Music Multimedia Productions to produce both recordings and music videos of her original songs.


Oscar & Britney
Azucena Flamenco

Azucena Flamenco

Founder and teacher at the Comox Valley Flamenco Studio (CVFS), Tomomi Ozaki, met Oscar and Britt some weeks later when visited the studio in Fanny Bay for the first time. Tomomi set up the school some years after locating to Canada from Japan. She has been dancing flamenco for over 20 years and has studied with many internationally renowned Flamenco dancers from Spain including José Galván, Adrián Galia, Eva La Yerbabuena, Juana Amaya, Angelita Vargas, El Toleo and Susana Escoda.

Oscar Robles Diaz grew up exposed to some of the richness of Spanish music and dance traditions - as celebrated by his parents and grandparents at many lively and memorable family gatherings in Mexico. A versatile instrumentalist, his first studies on acoustic guitar were in Classical music at a young age. He began dedicating himself to learning flamenco guitar less than six years ago, taking a largely auto-didactic approach He has benefited from instruction by internationally-acclaimed guitarists Emanuel Mora from Mexico and Jesus Alvarez from Spain. As for accompanying flamenco dancers with his guitar, Oscar first began gaining that experience thanks to Tomomi and the Comox Valley Flamenco Studio.

Britt Bowman is the main vocalist in Azucena Flamenco and says her ongoing journey aimed at learning traditional flamenco 'cante' has been transformative to say the least.  She has studied with Flamenco singer from Spain, Miguel Rosendo, at a workshop presented by Victoria’s Alma de Espana. She is grateful to Oscar and Tomomi for their valuable, ongoing guidance, as well as to the many greats of flamenco who inspire her – la Nina de los Peines, la Paquera de Jerez, la Perla de Cadiz, Montse Cortes, to name a few of the many women who break the still somewhat stubbornly held notion that flamenco singing is reserved only for men.

Alannah Clark

Alannah Clark

Seventeen year old singer/songwriter Alannah Clark started her musical venture at the age of six.

She has lived in the Comox Valley for thirteen years, and has performed at local venues such as the Prime Chophouse, Old House Village & Spa, and  Crown Isle.  She has also played for students in local elementary schools and for community events such as Tour De Rock, EDAS (Everybody Deserves A Smile) and Paws For A Cause (S.P.C.A.). Alannah’s music reflects her fun personality and poetic style.  Her unique voice, energy and her ability to engage the audience is a treat for music lovers of all ages.

Carlos & Carlitta

Carlos & Carlitta

The clowning duo Carlos & Carlitta will  provide a myriad of clowning activities  for

children and adults throughout the Elevate sites; music, balloon art, clowning magic, face painting, and general buffoonery.

From diverse backgrounds, Richard Thompson and Cecily Moon combine talents that sometimes coalesce but

often collide.  Richard is well known in  the music community throughout the Comox Valley while Cecily’s career in visual art and design takes place primarily  in Toronto and has taken her to the furthest reaches of the United States. Together they aim to entertain but with an original on twist on clowning conventions.

Island Hula Hoopla
Island HULA Hoopla


FUN FITNESS DANCE FUSION! "MOVE, PLAY, DANCE, SPIN, BREATHE" You'll discover the infinite potential of this simple circular toy through our performances and lessons for kids, adults and hoopdancers.

The Black Swan Fiddlers

Black Swan Fidders
Black Swan Fidders

The band started with my need to provide my senior students with a vehicle to continue top develop their musical talents. The main focus of our band is on the many tunes that I learned from the great Donegal fiddler Seamus Grant while living in Ireland for 3 years. We have worked hard over the years honing our Celtic sound and staying true to the tradition. To this mix of reels, jigs, hornpipes, and polkas we add soulful Irish ballads, French Canadian reels Canadian ballads and fiddle tunes. The result is an entertaining evening of warm, exciting, foot tapping music.

We have played for weddings, anniversaries birthdays, celebrated Robbie Burns Day, St. Patrick’s Day, St. Andrew’s, day. We have played at the Farmers Market, the Fall Fair, the Zocalo Cafe, and fund raisers.

Samba Du Soleil
Samba Du Soleil

Samba Du Soleil

Irreverently unsophisticated, teeming with energy and the most fun you’ll have all day, guaranteed! Samba du Soleil is an eclectic combination of people and sounds, its musical inspiration coming from Brazilian Carnival Samba, and its members hailing from various locations on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.


We are also hosting the annual CVEX & CVCAC CHILDREN’S ART WORKSHOP!

CVEX Project

Comox Valley Exhibition and Comox Valley Community Arts Council present a Children’s Art Workshop. The Comox Valley Exhibition and the CV Arts Council will present the very popular 2nd annual ‘Lord Scruffington’s School of Farm Art’. Led by talented local artist Simone Thompson! the kids will love creating and painting farm animal plaques while learning a little more about our animal friends. With the CVEx ‘Farmer for a Day’ display right next door there will be no shortage of fun! The artwork will then be displayed on the chain-link fence while entering the Comox Valley Exhibition Fall Fair event. Don’t forget to find your masterpiece while visiting the CVEx this August!


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