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This valley is PACKED with incredible, diverse musical artists. Every genre, every style, amazing collaborations...

Comox Valley Arts is not a one-discipline pony…We are about ALL art forms and creative pursuits. Music is one that is heavily represented here in the valley, with 100s of extremely talented folks creating original work in all genres.

We’d like to encourage musical artists of all sorts to join us, and take advantage of the benefits of membership. More importantly, to connect with the rest of your community and share your gifts!

Stop and take a listen!

If you are a valley-based musician, see below for how to participate.

About the music:

Alannah Clark: Alannah's soulful melodies, and tender lyrics paired with her powerful voice and entertaining stage presence will inspire audiences of all ages. In spring 2018 she toured the UK and Europe with fellow Comox Valley singer songwriter, Joey Clarkson. Alannah's debut EP, "Dear June", was recorded at Aurora Music Studios (Jacob Gregory) in Comox, British Columbia and was released in November 2017\. in Comox, British Columbia and was released in November 2017.

Anela Kahiamoe:  A multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, raised in Hawaii, Anela's early influences were gospel music and has been earning a living as a full-time musician from the age of 17. He currently make his home in the Comox Valley teaching and performing. His intimate and soulful vocals combined with precise and varied instrumentals make his appearances riveting and unique.

Ashley Sykes: I wish I could serve you a cup of tea...and have a chat, but I will do my best to share my heart with you through what you find as you listen to my story.

Busted Notes: We are a local trio made up of Brian Norman, Lorne Taylor and Bruce Klubchar. we are striving to play all original music. we have just recorded our first four songs and here is one of them. we are rooted in blues, rock and fun. Enjoy!

Chad Pab: Chad might be best known as an upright bass player that backs up many artists in the Comox Valley. But as a solo act his genre is hard to describe because of his wide spectrum of influences ranging from mellow acoustic and jazz, to heavier music like rock and metal. In his uniquely crafted guitar and banjo tunings, and insightful lyrics he combines all these genres into his own style.

Deborah Ross: Sang it the shower most of life, now jamming and writing my own. This is one of mine...

EM.ASH: Is a purveyor of underground house music on Vancouver Island, creating a hypnotic mix of deep, groove infused house and low slung techno.

Kevin Mitchell: The songs that   Kevin Mitchell plays and sings have the feel of a far off Woody Guthrie era, mixed with a contemporary roots vibe."Prairie born and raised, Kevin Mitchell has been on the west coast (Denman Island) for 25 years. In the vein of Alt Country Roots, Folk and Blues, his songs are honest and engaging and performed with a unique style.Strong rhythms and uniquely original lyrics combine for a refreshing original sound. |

Kim June Johnson: Kim June Johnson is a Canadian singer-songwriter and poet. Her live shows combine song, storytelling and poetry and are often performed in living rooms and small halls. She is widely known in the Canadian house concert community. Critics have long praised her moving, angelic vocals and her craftsmanship as a songwriter. Written with a maturity and wisdom that calls to mind the classic works of Vashti Bunyan, Carol King and KD Lang, her songs are universal and timeless and sung with an intimacy and openness that are unmistakably her own.

Lunchbox Legends: Each member of the Lunchbox Legends brings something a little different to the table. They each have their own influences, styles and abilities, but it's the synergy that gives the music it's distinct and unique musical flavour. Heartfelt Songwriting, Original Roots, Gypsy Groove, a little Blues, Country Swing and all that Jazz.

Megan Rose:

Oktiv6: With a career in rap spanning 20 plus years, split between the earlier Vancouver years in the Stillife family, the the later years, in the Comox Valley's very own Butterfinger Bombsquad. Oktiv6 is Eric's first attempt at soloism, very personal, mature and musical. I hope you like it! Oktiv | @Oktiv6MC

Ryan Castle: Ryan Castle is a singer/songwriter living in the beautiful Comox Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Ryan's main weapon of choice - other than voice - is the piano. Growing up with music from all genres, his deep love for the "classics" shows through his songs and persona. With his desire to bring the love back for the retro sound, Ryan is all about feel-good, heart-felt music.

Skeleton RIng: This song called "Little City" is featured on Skeleton RIng's first album(2018) entitled "Signs and Haircuts". It tells the story of living in rainy Courtenay. Skeleton Ring is Klame, beats and vocals and hey_zeus, vocals. For more music by Skeleton Ring visit

Sixgun Buddha: Sixgun Buddha is back! Comox Valley original recording artists return. Over the years, Cumberland has undergone a renaissance of recreation, music and visual arts and Sixgun Buddha draws straight from the vein of the local culture to produce a sound that is uniquely their own representation of the Vancouver Island vibe.

SnowMonkeez: A collaboration between Blaine Dunaway and Bruce Wing… and most recently joined by Steve Ruskin SnowMonkeez – so named for the snow they each sport on top and their playful approach to creating this new music.

Stella Swanson: Stella Swanson is a twelve-year-old singer/songwriter from Comox who launched her debut album, ‘I’m Not a Bunny,’ in December of 2014. The album exceeded everyone’s expectations, selling more than 900 copies and garnering nominations from Breakout West and The Canadian Folk Music Awards. Stella was also a finalist in the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition for the title track, ‘I’m Not a Bunny.’

Steve & Vivian Ruskin: In their over 35 years as a duo, have been influenced by many musicians and genres. They slide comfortably from ballads to blues, celtic to
contemporary, rockabilly to reggae, folk to jazz, with originals and a dash of Latin added to the mix.

Sweet Santa Fe: Sweet SantaFe, not only performs as a duo, they also have performed with Doug Cox, Sue Medley and Helen Austin of Big Little Lions in the Comox Valley Achievement awards. They have shared the stage with Matt Epp, Celeigh Cardinal, Dave Kelly and Christine Collister, and Terry ‘Harmonica’ Bean. In 2018 Sweet SantaFe played Vancouver Island Music Festival (VIMF) with their five piece band, percussionist Robin Layne, bassist Stu McDonald, and pianist Sean Mooney.

Too Hot For Covers: The songs, were performed by available musicians who have met and played at jams. Some songs on the set-list they have never heard before or only played once or twice. The musicians perform spontaneously with the freedom to play what they deem fits. There are CD's  available for promoting this idea to other musicians and club owners who might find this concept exciting and creative. All my gigs are recorded and shared.



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