Community Arts Roundtables – Let’s Talk!

Comox Valley Arts invites all creators, makers and performers to join in our series of Community Arts Roundtables.

These are open discussion opportunities to share what’s happening in your sector, or with you individually, and let us ways we could support you. It’s a chance to network with others, discuss topics and ideas that impact your area of work, and explore how that work can be moved forward in the best way possible.

We’re starting with four sessions, and will add more if there is an expressed desire:

  • Performing Arts – November 17, 4pm
  • Visual Arts – December 13, 4pm
  • Literary Arts – January 13, 3pm
  • Music & Recording Arts – February 21, 630pm

ALL sessions are planned via Zoom. They are free to attend and open to everyone in the community.

There may be facilitators or service providers in attendance who can also answer questions, and CV/A Staff and Board members will do our best to answer and address questions related to membership, the advocacy work we do on behalf of the creative community, and what we’re envisioning for our arts community.

This is a time to be heard. So, let’s talk!


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