Christi York uses traditional weaving methods mixed with an often unconventional approach.  She harvests and processes all of her own natural materials to create work best described as “sculptural basketry”.

JANUARY 15 – FEBRUARY 24, 2019
At McMillan Arts Centre in Parksville

Inspired by the overwhelming complexity of plant life on earth, she invites people to pause and re-consider the humble nature of plant material. It was not very long ago that we relied completely on gathering local flora and fauna for our food, clothing, and shelter.

Her work incorporates inspirations from ancient human civilizations, to Victorian-era cabinet of curiosities, to ideas from modern ethnobotany and biomimicry.

“The flora and fauna of Vancouver Island are intertwined with the land and its waters. By combing the landscape from mountains to beaches; by identifying and responsibly harvesting both native and non-native plants I am attempting to learn more about my home and to weave the spirit of this wild island into my work.”All pieces in this exhibit are made from materials hand gathered in either the Comox Valley or the Cowichan Valley.