Photo Credit: Jessica Auer & Andreas Rutkauskas, 2014.
Photo Credit: Jessica Auer & Andreas Rutkauskas, 2014.

Are you or someone you know an outdoor enthusiast and a visual artist? If so, the Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency Program might be a great opportunity for you!

This unique artist residency is a chance to hike the historic Chilkoot Trail from Alaska into Canada and make art.

The deadline is fast approaching! All submissions must arrive by February 4st, 2015.


Combine your Love of the Outdoors and your Artistic Abilities on the Chilkoot Trail
Canadian and American Artists sought for 2015 Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency Program
January, 6, 2015 Whitehorse, Yukon Parks Canada Agency/Yukon Arts Centre/US National Park
Ryan Leef, Member of Parliament for Yukon, today announced that Parks Canada, the Yukon Arts Centre and the
US National Park Service have launched the 2015 Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency and are seeking three visual
artists – one from Canada, one from the United States and one regional (Yukon or Alaska) – to participate in a
cross-border creative journey. The program invites artists to hike the famous Chilkoot Trail, passing through
Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (Alaska) and Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site (northern British
Originally used by Tlingit First Nation traders the Chilkoot Trail gained its fame during the Klondike Gold Rush. As news of a major gold discovery along Bonanza Creek spurred thousands of men to the head to the Klondike, the
Chilkoot Trail quickly became the primary entry point to the Yukon goldfields. The Chilkoot Trail is now a popular
destination for adventurous tourists. Present day hikers take an average of four to five days to complete the trek,
whereas these artists will spend two weeks on the Trail interacting with hikers, creating art, and engaging with the site’s heritage. During and following their residencies, artists will present public outreach programs such as talks, workshops and demonstrations.
Last year, Canadian photography duo Jessica Auer and Andreas Rutkauskas, videographer Steve Snell from the
United States, and Yukon painter Daphne Mennell were selected for the residency. Very diverse artwork was
inspired by their journeys, much of it featured on their respective websites. 2014 US artist-in-residence Steve
Snell recently unveiled a short trailer for his forthcoming video work Chilkoot Legends.
Quick Facts
*Daphne Mennell, one of the artists attending the 2014 Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency, described her Chilkoot
adventure as “…one of the greatest experiences of my life.”
* In its fifth season, the program grows in popularity each year. In 2014, a record number of 170 applications
were submitted. This is a 40% application increase from 2013. This year, organizers expect an even greater
response and urge artists of all disciplines to apply early.
* The deadline for applications is February 1st, 2015. Program information and applications are available on the
Yukon Arts Centre Website.

“Our Government is committed to promoting our rich natural and cultural heritage. Through our support, the
Chilkoot Trail Artist in Residency program will help connect people to the rich and diverse history and culture that
have helped shape our region. This program has the added benefit of supporting our important tourism industry
which is vital to the Yukon’s economy.”
Ryan Leef, Member of Parliament, Yukon