Hi to Everybody with some sad news: I just got notice that the opening reception for the art show on the 18th at 2:00 at TOSH (The old schoolhouse) in Qualicum Beach has been cancelled. 
The show is being postponed  to 2021 from April to May.
I am very sorry and sad because I had put in so much effort to make it a fun show for you to enjoy. But I hope that you will keep me in mind for next year.
Till then I wish you all a healthy happy spring with one of the paintings and hope that this one makes you  smile.
Take care on yourselves and again: Sorry for the inconvenience.
P.S. Good news though is, that I will have now more time to make the show even nicer!  I say: If life hands me lemons I will turn them into lemonade, because the only rule I go by is: Keeping the spirit up and seeing opportunity wherever  and in whatever shape it occurs.

A real fun exhibition is coming up at TOSH (The old schoolhouse in Qualicum Beach) It is called "Real characters" and will definitely induce a smile.

2 and 3 D pieces in acrylic and as mixed media make for an interesting and entertaining show. A must-see for animal lovers and everybody with a good sense of humor.

March 16th till April 5th

Opening reception March 18th at 2:00

About the artist:

Ina-griet Raatz Von Hirschhausen

aka Maloonie - Maloonie is a surprisingly creative cornucopia, where you’ll find all the ingredients for a worthwhile visit: masterly detailed paintings, fun sculptures, medieval style scrolls and crests, beautiful handmade poetry books and more. Meet the international artist and enjoy the delightful mix of European Ambiance and casual Westcoast Charm. Get an amusing peek into the new series “Famous Canadian Characters” while being inspired by a witty meaningful poetry performance.
A definite must see! You will leave smiling!