There are so many amazing events and exhibits... so many talented creative people in our midst...

And... we can't get to everything and so would like to give you the opportunity to share your experiences!

If you are interested in writing about the arts (all genres) and culture, we would love to host you as a guest blogger for the ART NEWS.

We are seeking MEMBERS who would like to actively participate in creating content for and about the arts - primarily in the Comox Valley, but also more globally to broaden our scope and offer our members, visitors & supporters a portal for all things arts. There are really no limits, other than good taste and an ability to write with reasonably clarity.


  • Profile a band,
  • tweet from an event,
  • review an exhibition,
  • talk about your practice,
  • take photos
  • research a technique
  • make a video
  • curate a youtube playlist about the arts
  • make a Top 10 arts activities list
  • share something magical
  • talk about yourself and your arts experiences
  • ... what else can you think of? We're all ears!

Contact us at [email protected] with your ideas and we can go from there!