This is a call for submission, for the November, 2020, Comox Airport Show. We are extremely grateful to the Comox Airport Authority, for placing a high priority on showcasing the visual arts,
of Vancouver Island.

The pandemic has impacted us in way that we are still discovering and we felt that it was appropriate to have a theme that embraced that which is greater that us and is constant. Here on the "wild" west coast, we are surrounded and intimately acquainted with all the elements... which leads us to this year's theme.

THE ELEMENTS sustain us and challenge us. They are a source of beauty and destruction and they are a constant in spite of such reasonably fleeting events, such a pandemic. The possibilities for interpretation are vast, when considering THE ELEMENTS.

We invite artists to submit two and three dimensional work that offers visitors to Vancouver Island, a glimpse of how THE ELEMENTS shape and influence our environment.


The Comox Valley Airport Art Show has ended for another year and once again, the program was a great success. For the 2019-20 show, Life On The Edge , we had 81 submissions and were able to feature the art of 22 artists, a fraction of the incredible talent in our Valley.

Thank you to Elissa Anthony, Cara Baird, Bev Beyerly, Brenda Cardinal, Marianne Enhörning, Angel Farquarson, Jayson Fuerstenberg, Laura Furness, Fran Goldberg, Ingrid Hogan, Maxine Horner, Martha Jablonski-Jones, Lisa Joan, Mikyoung Jung, Sara Kempner, Sandra Lamb, Wendy Mayers, Wendy Morosoff Smith, Gail Neuls, Marilyn Peeters, Bev Petersen, Shirley Phillips, Sarah Puetz, Kathi Rudko, Sofie Skapski and Ashley Slade, for participating in the 2019/20 show.

Looking forward to 2020/21!