The Comox valley Record and Local Hero community partners have collaborated with the Comox Valley Arts Council to engage our artists in a request to create an annual “oscar like” award. The annual awards will honour the amazing individuals and groups, performing exceptional acts of service that are selfless and courageous, making our community such a vibrant place to love and work. 

The medium is still to be confirmed and will depend on the chosen artist. The Record is requesting an artist who is collaborative in the design process, and who can commit on an ongoing basis for this project. We’re looking for a fairly quick response to enable the creative process. The deadline for completion of the 12 awards once approved will be May 5th, 2016

Please submit an initial sketch explaining the design elements and projected cost per piece, your name and contact information your bio by March 8th to [email protected]com.

We are looking for an “oscar like” award that represents the valley, community and bravery. The award will need to be mounted on a stone or award base where recipient names will be engraved. All 12 awards will be similar in design. 

The selected artist will be compensated for their work and highlighted in the awards souvenir publication. We look forward to creating a piece of local art that represents the Valley and our local heroes. 

Three successful artist will be chosen to meet and discuss the project further before our decision by March 18th.