We are pleased to host an encore of BUT ENOUGH ART, EAT! This interdisciplinary community project with art, music, food workshops, talks, street soccer and yoga will run from Sept. 23 to 25. The daytime workshops are by invite only, but people are invited to evening music events outdoors (limit of 50 people). Stay tuned for details.

BUT ENOUGH ART, EAT! is a co-production of CV Arts (community arts council), the Dawn to Dawn Action on Homelessness Society, and the Comox Valley Art Gallery. It is facilitated by Grant Shilling, and program directed by April Dawn Brass.

BUT ENOUGH ART, EAT! asks important questions. What is the role of an art gallery? Who gets to witness and produce art? Is there an aesthetics to homelessness? This outreach event serves as a forum to inspire discussion and hands-on activities focused on issues around nutrition, homelessness, art practice, food production, music and more.

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