BC Arts Updates



Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Bennett -

"British Columbia is blessed by inspirational cultural traditions, from the artistic legacy of First Nations to the creative innovations of contemporary art. By celebrating BC Arts and Culture Week, we recognize B.C.'s diverse cultural heritage and on-going artistic excellence. I urge all British Columbians to support BC Arts and Culture Week activities in communities throughout the province."

BC Arts Council chair Stan Hamilton -

"Every year, British Columbia's creative artists and strong cultural organizations use their talent and energy to ensure the success of BC Arts and Culture Week. The BC Arts Council is pleased to have supported many of these participants who will be sharing their talent. BC Arts and Culture Week offers a great opportunity for British Columbians to share council's pride and pleasure in the excellence and professionalism of arts and culture in our province."

ArtsBC executive director Sheryl McGraw -

"BC Arts and Culture Week provides an excellent opportunity to highlight the vital contribution that arts and culture make to life in communities across British Columbia. Hundreds of arts organizations, communities and schools will celebrate BC Arts and Culture Week by presenting a dazzling range of events and activities from pop-up dance performances to banner projects, exhibitions, poetry readings and much more. Congratulations to all the artists and arts organizations that make help BC Arts and Culture Week an outstanding success every year."

ArtStarts in Schools executive director Navida Nuraney -

"Year-round, ArtStarts in Schools strives to ensure that young people across B.C. engage in meaningful artistic activities in their schools and communities. BC Arts & Culture Week is an opportunity for us all to express the many ways that arts and culture are alive in our province."

Quick Facts:

  • In 2013-14, the B.C. government will increase funding for arts and culture to over $60 million - about $7 million higher than last year.
  • This year, the B.C. government will provide BC Arts Council with a record high funding of $24 million.
  • Last year, council approved over 1,000 grants in over 200 communities in every region of the province.
  • Since 2001, the B.C. government has invested almost $210 million through the BC Arts Council to support British Columbia's artists, arts and cultural organizations.
  • Since 2001, the B.C. government has provided more than $2.6 billion in support for arts and culture in British Columbia, including the screen-based entertainment industry.

Learn More:

Visit the BC Arts Council's website at: http://www.bcartscouncil.ca

Check out the provincial government's role in supporting sport, arts and culture through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development at: http://www.gov.bc.ca/cscd