Keeping up with online marketing tendencies, we have recently upgraded the member directory and profile pages to allow integration with your Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts (and more if you wish). 
In our latest website update we have also added categorical search based on art genres and other breakdowns of cultural creator, plus alphabetical search, to the new directory. The new look & feel of the directory is more visual, includes google maps to pinpoint your studio/gallery/office/whatever if you wish, and your logo or photo.
We DO need you to login and UPDATE your information to help make the system as robust as possible. We notice some members had updated their small profiles previously, and hope you'll all come back and do it again. This new system precludes us from doing it for you - so you have total control over the content of your personal listing.
  • First - log in. If you do not remember your login,  you'll find a "forgot password" link by the login box. Click that and take the steps... most likely it is based on the email address you receive our updates on.
  • Once you are logged in, simply click "update your directory listing" in the very top bar... and fill in as many blanks as you wish.
  • You will find a series of boxes with "Add XX" buttons- click those "add" buttons to open the fields for each section. You can skip or add multiples in most cases.
  • Fill in as much as you wish, then, back at the top of that page, on the right hand side you'll see a PUBLISH box. Select "Public" and then click the PUBLISH button.
  • All done!
You can update or change your listing anytime you like. Your listing creates you a mini-website, too - you get a full page displaying all your info and you are welcome to use that to promote yourself.
This system upgrade not only strengthens your reputation among your fans and potential customers, but also increases your online authority, giving you more credibility when being indexed by search engines. Additionally, when you're logged in you will find access to members-only information & article - time-sensitive calls for entry, grant information, job postings, and other "insider" information.
As we continue to re-design the Arts Council itself, we look forward to bringing our members more and more useful tools & benefits.
Don't forget to take the Survey, and tell us what you want from us!