Arts and culture enhances every part of our lives.

They benefit us economically, socially, and educationally; from the future prospects of our children, to the vibrancy of our valley, to the contribution made to economic growth!


The creative community wishes to work closely with our local governments, agencies and institutions, to ensure continued and sustainable support for Arts and Culture, in keeping with the growing needs of our region.

Comox Valley Arts has issued this Advocacy Statement on behalf of our rich and diverse arts community.

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1. A thriving cultural climate is a sign of a vital and dynamic community.

Arts and culture renew and revitalize municipalities, build community identity and pride, strengthen bonds, and improve quality of life on all socioeconomic levels.

2. Arts and Culture can be a catalyst for positive change.

Diversity of every kind is embraced through culture, building trust and understanding.  The Arts are an essential element in the health and well-being of communities. Healthy communities result when health care and social service organizations combine with arts organizations to promote well-being, education, support for the underserviced.


3. Arts and Culture contributes a vital economic impact.

Arts and culture are key economic drivers that contribute to local economies. Comox Valley Arts Cultural Inventory Project estimated between 4000 to 6000 cultural workers in the Comox Valley in 2017, 7% of BC’s cultural workforce. Arts and Culture are a strong economic force that could easily be drawn on to build tourism, jobs, and exports for the Comox Valley.


4. Art and culture are public amenities requiring public investment.

Canadians count on a rich and diverse cultural sector.  As essential as clean water, good roads and adequate transit, Canadians benefit from the opportunity to attend a play, visit a museum, hear great music, or read a good book.

5. Arts education improves creativity, academic achievement, motor skills, confidence, perseverance, focus, collaboration, decision making and accountability..

Studies measuring creative thinking, critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning all find these functions increase and improve when arts education (dance, music, visual art, etc.) is included in a well-rounded curriculum.


“The prevalence of culture brings communities, regions, and the province together by fostering a sense of pride, belonging, and identity.” ~ Creative City 2005b; Hill Strategies 2012.

“Culture GDP in British Columbia is 6.33 times that of sport, and culture creates 4.31 times more jobs than sport…..The GPD contributed by culture is greater than that of other prevalent industries, such as agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting; utilities; and accommodation and food services.” ~  Statistics Canada, 2015.

“There is no crisis in the arts; the only crisis is our failure to view them as a resource to improve our cities . . . a tremendous resource for stimulating the vitality, the humaneness and the economy of our cities and towns.” ~ Nancy Hanks, Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts,1969 to 1977 

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 About Comox Valley Arts:

Since 1965, Comox Valley Arts (the Comox Valley Community Arts Council) has acted as an advocate for the arts and support for cultural development in the Comox Valley. We serve the community – inviting artists of all kinds and levels to participate in our events and providing support to those who are pursuing higher artistic excellence. We work to increase and encourage accessibility, diversity and inclusiveness in arts and cultural experiences for the whole community.

Our Mission: Comox Valley Arts (CVA) supports, promotes and celebrates a vibrant inclusive arts community.