The Comox Valley Art Gallery’s creative team has worked with the North Island Hospital, K’ómoks First Nation, Elder Barb Whyte, local artists, an art therapist, and students, parents, and educators from Queneesh Elementary School to create artwork for various hospital spaces.

The CVAG team has been supported by ABC Printing for the most recent installations in the Wellness Center – Cancer Care area on the main floor and in the upper-level atrium that is part of the Psychiatric Inpatient Unit. A design brief of the project to date can be seen in the Community Space at CVAG.

Read on to learn more about these beautiful window works:

Wellness Center – Cancer Care / main floor
Alun Macanulty + Krista McAllister + Angela Somerset + Denise Lawson

Forest Reprieve
digital photography by Alun / concept by Angela / words by Denise /
digital weaves by Krista, 2017 –18

Trees are an integral presence in our communities. Inspired by the importance of the natural world in our lives, the artists created a transitional image matrix that laces together a relational conversation between the surrounding forests and the interior hospital space.

there is a sweetness in recalling a place of gentle holding
the whisper of rustling leaves soft bird songs
the fragrance of the earth
of standing in the forest cool air looking up
at the blue gem of sky
between the dancing green
A canopy of leaves, bathed in sunlight, weaves around the windows
calling the eye to look up and out to blue skies
calling the heart into the wonder of trees
calling the body into the healing caress of the forest

Psychiatric Inpatient Unit / fourth floor
Nicole Crouch + Ed Odgaard + Krista McAllister

Dreaming Together
drawings on paper by Nicole / digital photography by Ed /
additional photos and digital weaves by Krista, 2017–18

Artists are dreamers are birds dream-speaking together.

Birds can do anything. They are dream walker speakers.

Inspired by birds and light refraction, this translucent mural mediates the spaces and
experiences between inside and outside, calling in and calling out the imagination
in the space between. The prism, like the bird, is a carrier of imagination, holding
the space of possibilities.

The collaborative practice between Ed, Nicole and Krista was a knowledge exchange
and exploration of the universal beauty of a place and the natural workings
that comprise this place. In changing relationship configurations, in trust,
there is sweetness between individuals, the colour canopy and the birds.

The prism effect of sunlight through crystals in a matrix of images is wrapped around
the atrium windows to offer a sense of comfort and delight to those using the space.

Language comes last.