by Ina-Griet Raatz-von Hirschhauser

I strongly believe that creativity and art are essential for mental and physical well-being - not just in an idealistic sense, but even as a practical useful tool in everyday life, for it can and will open doors for problem-solving in all different areas and stages of life. In other words: Creativity adds to the quality of life!

Maybe that’s what well-known artist Joesph Beuys meant when he said:   

"Art is a great revolutionary force, actually the only one".

His words might sound a little histrionic, but broken down into more detail they do make sense.

Often it is to notice, that artists and other creative people deal with things and situations differently: Observing less judgmental and  more detailed, reflecting  and questioning deeper, taking more time to let things grow, approaching various ideas, topics and phenomena curious and intrepidly, keep turning the still distant more intense and persistent in their mind. The amount of energy to approach the new and unknown seems to play an important role.

The more energy is focused on something, the more powerful it bursts out and presents itself, in the magic combination with other impulses as the artistic creation.

It is always a great and really important moment to welcome a new creation into the world.

As long as artists keep this intense, open-minded approach with things and stay faithful to their way of living, this individual creative force won't dry up, might even increase. The ideal case is the process of alternating continuous change of creation and open-minded approach to the new. This will increasingly lead to human growth, artistic quality and inner freedom.

In that sense it would be desirable, that more and more humans recognize that -in a brought sense and different social fields- being creative is a crucial drive for the positive growth in this world.