CVA is pleased to share this update from our member artists at Art Alchemy

Spring is in the air and we are excited to share what we've been up to over the past few months and give you a peak at some upcoming shows and events. The studio is busy with each of us creating work, trying new techniques, attending and facilitating workshops and continuing on this creative journey.
We've had some changes as people come and go and life unfolds. Shea Kotilla and Nancy Burger Randall have joined the studio; see more about their art practice below.

After 5 years at Art Alchemy, Sofie Skapski has been our longest standing member! We are grateful for her contribution over the years, and will miss her and her forest of trees in the gallery. Best wishes on the next chapter Sofie 🙂


February was a busy month! I had my drawing 'Spruce and Sunlight' exhibited in 'Art Capitol' Art Fair in Paris, France!
I also participated in the Artist Project Art Fair in Toronto. It was very busy; a great opportunity to show my work to thousands of people and make some interesting new connections and friendships. I was invited to join Winged Canvas Gallery in Markham, and brought them some of my paintings for their Contemporary Landscapes Show.
I am thrilled to be exhibiting this April 2- May 12 at the Harris Gallery in the Elora Centre for the Arts with two Ontario based artists, Carolyn Sharp and Rebecca Brianceau in 'H2O For Good'. This exhibition is an effort to bring attention to the matters of conservation and stewardship of our water.
In May Art Alchemy will once again exhibit at the Comox Airport. I am making some big paintings to exhibit there as the space is so ideal to showcase larger format paintings. Be sure to join us for the Central Island Studio Tour in May.
See some my paintings locally at Tin Town Café, Church Street Bakery, Mercedes Lane clothing Boutique, and the White Whale Pub.
in Toronto area see my paintings at PI Fine Art, Noodle Gallery, Arta Gallery
See more work on Helen's website.


Nicolette uses only palette knives to apply her unique, sculptural layers of oil paint which result in striking creations with rich texture and incredible depth.  Her bright, dynamic explorations of nature are informed by her passion for contemporary interior design, resulting in paintings that evoke a unique sensation of being both indoors and out.
Visit Nicolette's website.


2019 is the year of limited palette and attention to composition.
I’m excited about the prospective show commitments that are lined up for  Spring/ Summer; May to November, in the Comox Airport, June, in Mercedes Lane  Dress Shop, on Comox Ave.  and the Crown Isle Resort for July and August.
I have my sights further afield, aiming for the Artist Project,  February, 2020 and an artist residency in Ireland.
My current work consists of a series inspired by my love of champagne coloured roses.  I hope you will take some time to check them out if you’re travelling through the Comox Airport, shopping in Mercedes Lane or socializing at Crowne Isle Resort.
Visit Sharon's website.


Well ... change is the only constant in life and I've had lots over the past year. I'm excited to be back working part time for North Island College as a Digital Technician supporting the faculty and students in the Fine Art, Design and Interactive Media Department. I continue to split my time between design and painting at Art Alchemy and love the way my two passions balance each other out.

I discovered fluid acrylic pour painting a year ago and was instantly hooked... there is something so deeply satisfying about mixing paint and then experiencing the outcome of a pour, which is often an unexpected surprise. It's a blend of colour theory, science and hopeful anticipation! I have enjoyed experimenting and began holding workshops at the Studio to share the process with others. Check out upcoming workshop dates here.
I currently have work in a show at Hot Chocolates and am working toward finishing several larger pieces of work for a show at the Comox Valley Airport in May. The annual Spring Studio tour is May 25 - 27, 2019, stop by and see what I'm up to!

Fins and Feathers, koi and wee birds continue to inspire me. It's been exciting to merge my favourite subject matter and traditional style of painting with fluid acrylic pour painting... it's my undiscovered country that I will happily continue to explore.
Visit my website here.


Well we have some exciting news! We're not as nimble as we used to be and we've be tent campers for the past 30 years, so we're moving up in the world to a little Boler which we've named “The Little Red Bobber” because it looks like a fishing bobber, half white and half red. It's bare bones and needs a lot of fixing up but the goal is to get out and camp more this summer and paint in the raw essence of nature. Russ and I both love the great outdoors and we need to give our backs a breather from the rocks sleeping in a tent! The goal is to have some pop up mini art shows at various campgrounds and cities while we travel and offer affordable watercolors to the masses. We will post our itinerary on the website in the coming months. I also have a goal for this spring break to get to Carmanah Walbran park where Jack Shadbolt, (a huge influence of mine) painted, fingers crossed!

I continue to teach at the Comox Valley Waldorf school 3 days a week, a few night classes at North Island College and Home schooled children at my studio on Fridays. I love teaching! I'll be back at Anderton Nursery most Saturdays this summer and then Sundays and Mondays are my own time to  paint.

I have two big upcoming shows. The Lineham House Flower show in Okotoks, AB April 6th-June18th in which I'll have 3 floral pieces in and The Edge Design Show through the Robert Bateman Foundation, which is near and dear to me, in Nov. Part of the proceeds go towards wildlife protection. I will also be doing a lot of plein air painting at Milner Gardens as I have a membership there.

This is the last month of my show up at the “Grotto”(Union Street Grill) so please so check it out till March 30th.  I also have a pop up class at Lupine Art Studio called “Thinking Outside the Box” Sunday April 28th 2-5pm please go to their website to register at – they are lovely people!
Visit my website to see more work and upcoming classes.


I have been a member of art alchemy for 6 months now. To be amongst working artists is deeply inspiring to me. Having completed 14 paintings in this time is delightfully amazing. They are of all sizes from 12x12 to 30x40. I work from my own photos constructing images in a loose style and have just recently stared compiling images from more than one photo. This is particularly exciting, giving me more freedom to create meaningful compositions.
I’m looking forward to what emerges next.
Thanks to all of the artists at Art Alchemy for the on-going support and creative inspiration!!!
Check out more work here.


So as we are now heading into Spring I am now inspired once again by the change in light and the bright fresh colours that will gradually emerge from under the snow. I am at the moment working on finishing a canvas of a dramatic skyscape on 8th street. I've switched up my palette, somewhat, by incorporating some vivid  pinks and orange into the sky. I am still drawn to painting the urban setting , in particular the traffic, streets and  twinkling car lights at dusk. Dusk is a time of magic for me as well as a time of potential. Once finished this painting will be part of our art alchemy exhibition at the airport this May.
So in the next coming months I will continue to paint scenes form the Comox valley incorporating the light and colours of Spring.In May I am travelling back to Ireland for a few weeks which Im sure will influence the works that I produce over the coming summer.The vivid greens and animated cloudscapes. Im looking forward to a summer of creativity!
Read more here.


Working with glass fires my imagination. I love the textured, smoothly rippled, glinting colour of glass.  The way the light shines through glass on glass, and yet appears so distinctly different at night, when the light glances off the newly discovered surface. Glass is a rich medium, comprised of so many styles, colours, textures, surfaces, treatments- there is always a new piece of glass to explore.

My style of glass on clear glass mosaics demands very detailed composition, painstaking painting with glass, and messy use of clear fixatives to form the finished piece. I like handling the glass, sorting for colour, cutting and shaping glass to make an often abstract design. The finished compositions frequently hint at natural settings of mountains, trees, or the shimmer of water. Sometimes they are playful celebrations of the sheer delight of colour!

When I begin a piece of work it is often sparked by a colour or shape, and the entire piece flashes into my mind’s eye. Of course, the tricky bit is to bring that inner vision into reality- such fun to follow the initial inspiration! I do deliberately leave cracks between pieces of glass. Leonard Cohen expressed it most clearly:”There are cracks in everything, that’s how the light gets in”.
See more here.

Upcoming Classes at Art Alchemy


$65/ person/ session
All materials provided.
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Join me in the kitchen mixing it up with acrylic paints and drawing materials. This 2 hour painting session is for everyone; from artists to those with very little experience. It is an informal session where I will help you make a painting of something you choose.
You bring reference material of something you want to paint. (your dog, your garden, a beautiful scene..)
I will guide you through the process of figuring out how to make your painting, and share tips and techniques that will help you create the effects you are after. Voila! A masterpiece!
Aprons provided but please don't wear your favorite clothes!



All materials provided
6:30 - 8:30 pm

Fluid Acrylic Pouring or Pour Painting is all over social media and for good reason, it’s a blast! There is something relaxing and deeply satisfying about mixing colour and pouring paint. This process is both experimental and experiential. We’ll create twodifferent abstract art pieces using your uniquely chosen colour palette. Come and try something fun and flex your creative muscles.
Each fluid acrylic pour painting session is unique, featuring different techniques!
No experience necessary! Please wear old clothing and old shoes.