April Dyck and Bert Badey are proud to present a unique perspective of the Canadian West Coast at the Pearl Ellis Gallery in Comox, BC.   Bert Badey (Photographer) and April Dyck (Painter) invite you to view their photographic and painting show called “Inspired – by the Canadian West Coast” on January 12 through to January 31, 2016.

Their works differ by the medium they use, but their work is equally unique in style.  Both their works can be found in private collections.   Contemporary painter, April Dyck paintings are colourful and often provoke a feeling in the viewer.  Photographer, Bert Badey, makes things that are ordinary become special.  Bert strives to find the soul of the subject.

 Because of their unique styles the show will have a balance of abstract and realism.  Painting and photography are uneasy relatives and they are not normally shown together.

“Inspired – by the Canadian West Coast” January 12 to January 31, 2016.  Meet the artists at the opening reception on Friday, January 15 – 5pm to 8pm -  a free draw will take place  and refreshments will be served.