Date:                      April 15, 2015

Time:                      6:45 to 9:00 pm

Location:               Centre for the Arts Building

580 Duncan Ave – Upstairs Board Room



We invite you to attend the annual general meeting of the Comox Valley Community Arts Council. You, the members and the arts/culture community will determine the future of the Arts Council through the election of a new Board of Directors. Refreshments and snacks will be served.


To vote at the meeting, you must have a current membership. To purchase a new membership, or renew your membership, visit You can also purchase a membership during registration 15 minutes prior to the AGM.




Call to order at 7pm

Declaration of a Quorum

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes of AGM 2014

Report from the President – Jamie Bowman

Presentation of Financial Statements FYE June 30, 2014

Approval of Gary Murdock, CGA for following year 2014/15

Nomination and Election of Directors running for office


Standing Directors returning for year two of a 2-Year Term:

Bobby Heron

Adil Amlani


Returning directors put forth for reelection by the Nominating Committee:

Jamie Bowman

Anna Rambow

Kera McHugh


New Directors put forth for election by the Nominating Committee:

Sonya Jenssen

Craig Carson

Neil Crouch


New applications from the floor (7 seats available) – Call 3 times


Appointment of the Board of Directors