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Advertising Options!

You supply the artwork and copy. We'll make sure it gets seen.

Standard Banner (800x100px)

Appears in header of website (all pages) - random rotation - $25/m, minimum 3 months - max 6 slots available. Like this:




Standard Tile (316x316px)

Appears in footer of website - random rotation - $12/m, minimum 3 months - max 10 slots/m available. Like this:

Full post on website

$20 per post - you supply edited, max 600 words, with up to 3 images. Exclusively for arts-related content.

Combo deal - Banner ad in newsletter

  • $15 per issue, minimum 10 consecutive issues.
  • 600x300 is recommended size
  • Currently delivering to 800+ email subscribers, and 2200+ facebook followers.
  • Newsletter has a higher-than-industry-average open rate, and we work hard to increase and target organic reach on facebook.

Other promotional services we offer:

Graphic Design

If you need help creating artwork or copy, we are able to do that for an extra charge.

  • Banner ad design: $40
  • Featured post / press release writing: $65, we'll provide you with a word doc for other use, too.
  • Poster design: starts at $100, we'll provide a print-quality pdf
  • 3rd Party Ad production (you need an ad for another publication): $40/hr

Social media

How-To workshops - coming soon! 

Watch your email - we've got hands-on workshops and clinics coming up for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube

Facebook Business Page

We can create a facebook page for you - even if you don't want to "do" facebook. For $20, we'll set it up under CVA's profile and provide you with the URL to share. (this is a great interim solution, but you really should have your own facebook account to use it most effectively.)

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