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We currently attract over 1800 unique website visitors a month... who are interested in the arts in all its forms. These are people who create, attend, or buy artistic works, and typically are quite locally-oriented in their buying habits, with some disposable income.

In addition, in March 2018, we are producing a tourism document demonstrating the depth and breadth of the creative life that occurs in our region, and distributing it far & wide. New advertising opportunities will be available in that for both creative workers and the businesses that support and benefit from them. 

Website Advertising

Standard Banner (800x100px)

Appears in header of website (all pages) - random rotation - $75/m, minimum 3 months - max 6 slots available. Like this:



Banner ad in weekly newsletter

  • $25 per issue, minimum 10 consecutive weekly issues - max 2 slots per issue.
  • 600x300 is recommended size
  • Currently delivering to 1300+ email subscribers, and 2500+ facebook followers.
  • Newsletter has a higher-than-industry-average open rate, and we work hard to increase and target our reach on facebook and instagram.


Print Advertising

Arts Guide

Advertising in the Central Island Arts Guide starts at just $195/year, including an editable, searchable profile page on and a 1-year membership. The guide prints a minimum of 30,000 copies and is distributed throughout Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, including on BC Ferries and Black Ball ferries. Additionally, the guide is targeted to tourism properties in Washington, Oregon, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. 

Arts Council Trailer Ads

Our new cargo trailer for events and travelling art shows is a GREAT way to get your name associated with the arts, and dragged around town! 2' x 2' full colour ad spaces are available on both sides of the trailer. Each space rents at $40/m, with a minimum 3 month contract, and a $60 print cost (print, lamination & installation).