For artists, and those who love them, finding a way to keep track of all the exhibitions going on in the galleries on Vancouver Island has been an almost insurmountable task.

Until now.  Enter “Exhibitions Worth Seeing”.

Exhibitions Worth Seeing is a paid email newsletter, where for less than $5 / month, you receive a curated list of exhibitions worth seeing on Vancouver Island directly into your inbox on the last Sunday of every month.

The idea for Exhibitions Worth Seeing first began for founder and artist Katie Brennan when she was trying to learn more about the galleries on Vancouver Island.

“There is a ton of art going on on Vancouver Island. Yet it was hard to see what was what, and who was who,” she reminisces.

The months of research that followed included reaching out to her fellow artists and arts professionals to find out what was actually out there, eventually leading Brennan to build a comprehensive gallery list and map for herself.

“I’ve always been interested in reflecting the arts communities I live in back to themselves and in order to share that with others, I first had to make sense of it myself,” says Brennan.

Brennan, who is also a professional artist and art consultant, is a different kind of curator - a curator of art, information and community development. She brings her experience from her time as the Curator of the Lake Country Art Gallery and the Executive Director of the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan to this project and knows all too well the struggles of non-profit, volunteer-run galleries with little or no marketing budget list to their gallery in paid gallery guides.

Exhibitions Worth Seeing also works actively to support the island’s artists by inviting artists to submit their exhibition listings free of charge.

“I think that artist-led activities are some of the most interesting exhibitions on offer, and we want to help artists get the word out about them,” says Brennan.

Exhibitions Worth Seeing officially launches on Sunday, January 26th and is currently offering all new subscribers 2 EXTRA MONTHS FREE OF CHARGE on their annual subscription to celebrate.

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