hosted by Courtenay Community Recreation – with Bill Kerr facilitator...

Join Da Vinci, Wyeth and Canadian artists Danby and Colville!!  Paint with egg tempera. 

Egg tempera is one of the oldest yet most durable mediums.  Leonardo De Vinci’s egg tempera works have survived perfectly, his oils have not. What is the appeal? Wyeth and others could have used any paint they desired!  Well, egg tempera  paint feels better on the brush! It applies like the smoothest oil or water colour, rather like thick ink.  Unlike oils it dries and can be glazed in about twenty to thirty minutes. Unlike water colour it stays put as you glaze and re-glaze.

There are a few tricks to be mastered.  I will bring prepared panels and show you  to prepare them. There are many painting surface options however the surface, is a critical but simple process. There a few paint application differences as well.

Bring your whole water colour kit. Bring a few custard dishes, your water bucket, a teaspoon,  two eggs (raw) and a lunch. Bring your happy face but you may wear it out...This is fun.

Register early at Courtenay Recreation, as space is limited. Deadline is April 7. 

April 21 & 22 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Tsolum Building in Lewis park. There will be a small additional materials cost (approx $12) to be paid in cash to Bill at first session.