We are so pleased to be the recipients for the May 1st Tuesday Fundraisers event!

For over 50 years, our vision has remained unchanged: Comox Valley Arts works to foster & support arts and culture in the community. Since the dawn of time, art has been an integral thread in the fabric of society.  It connects us. Therefore, our mission has always been to cultivate a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse arts community.  We offer a range of free-to-fee opportunities for our community to gather and engage in the arts, and with one another; we work directly with artists of all types to help grow their audience and professionalize their individual practice, and we actively promote the Comox Valley as a dynamic center for arts and culture.

Please join us, with special guests, The Lunchbox Legends on Tuesday May 7 from 7:30-9:15 at the Mex Pub

Chris Hansen has been playing music and travelling since the seventies and is really a minstrel at heart. His songs are inspired by his empathy, of walking in another person’s shoes and recognizing the humanity in the headlines.

They are stories for those drawn to soul searching lyrics that will at times stir your emotions and uplift your spirits. His guitar styles offer a spectrum of melodic moments and captivating grooves that can covertly engage your rhythm button.

Chris’s music is truly enhanced with the very talented and time crafted musicianship of Blaine Dunaway ( violin, chin cello, flugelhorn, cahon ) Judy Wing ( vocals, keyboard, guitar, accordion ) and Bruce Wing ( bass, flute, vocals ).


Judy and Bruce Wing have a grassroots approach to music, which is quite evident when you check out their music collection. It's made up of their local guitar heroes, singer songwriters and people they've had the pleasure of playing music with over the years. Music is a valuable "lifestyle enhancement" and they always enjoy meeting new musicians and playing for new audiences.

Bruce and Judy host two weekly local open mics, one at the Roy's Towne Pub on Sunday evenings from 5-9pm, and one at The High Tide Public House on Wednesdays from 7-10. Both venues provide an inspiring atmosphere with entertainment provided by emerging and often amazing local talents who come out to play.


Blaine Dunaway plays throughout Vancouver Island with a wide variety of friends.

As a composer, his compositions range from String Quartets to 15 piece bands to meditation tracks. Blaine has worked as a studio recording artist in many studios across the country, and has played in most of the finest Big Bands in Western Canada. As an improvising violinist and trumpet player, there are dozens of albums with his touch adding to the magic, from jazz to classical to folk to world music to blues to popular.

Currently he is mastering guitar, keyboards, banjo and mandolin, and rediscovering his singing voice. He also enjoys experimenting with instruments from all over the world, and makes occasional forays into looping and electronic music.

The Lunch Box Legends recent CD  release “Compassionate Visitor” is available at Bop City Records in Courtenay or from the band.